We hold a large variety of carpet styles and textures to suit all budgets and areas, including; Loop, Berbers, Velvets, Twists, Shag's and Saxony's.

You may even wish a bespoke design to be commissioned.


Laminate flooring can reproduce the look of wood, stone, tile and even marble.

We can supply water resistant designs made especially for heavy duty areas including bathrooms and kitchens.


Choose from hundreds of Vinyl designs and colours for an easy care surface, superb for kitchens, bathrooms conservatories and offices. Available in sheets or tiles.


From light domestic to heavy duty we can offer a wide range of underlay's to help the longevity, noise and wear reduction, heat insulation and the comfort of your flooring, including recycled foams, waffle and crumb rubber.


Our range of pre and unfinished parquet and planks are available in differing thicknesses from approximately 10mm to 22mm, including Oak, Maple and Walnut.


A simple and cost effective way of modernising a room is with a rug. Our range includes designs, plains and naturals, you can even design your own bespoke design.